Article on cochlear implants and deaf children


This via the Deafhood group on Facebook: “Language acquisition for deaf children: Reducing the harms of zero tolerance to the use of alternative approaches” by Tom Humphries, Poorna Kushalnagar, Gaurav Mathur, Donna Jo Napoli, Carol Padden, Christian Rathmann and Scott R Smith. This article, in the Harm Reduction Journal 2012, 9:16 can be found in provisional format here.

Bella’s penguins


Today, deafhearingfamilylife, and Signs of Hope got a mention on Donna Williams’ blog, DeafFirefly. The reference to Bella’s penguins may be a little obscure. Some background: Bella (aged 10 at the time) was reflecting on her experience of being deaf, and of growing up in deaf and hearing worlds. She told me she thought deaf people were like fish, happily swimming underwater and that hearing people lived on land and couldn’t swim. Signing hearing people were like penguins.

But one day, perhaps we’d all get into space together. Who knows?